Toddler Day Out: Lytham

If your looking for a fab day out for toddlers this summer holiday, you cant beat Lytham St Anne’s. Last Monday me and the crew got up early and drove to make the hour journey from Manchester . Going through the week is best, otherwise you will have to get there before 9’0 clock to make sure you beat the busy weekend build up.

Our aims was the Beach Café Fylde on the South Promenade of Lytham. This is a lovely family friendly beach café which always welcomes dogs, it can be a tad expensive (a BLT £5.25) however it is next to a car park and plenty of on road parking. It also is great starting point for a walk along the beach.

We started off the day by going for a walk along the beach finding sea shells and trying to walk all the way down to the ocean (it was very far out when we arrived). We then started walking along the beach towards ST Anne’s Pier.

Donkeys rides are available next to the pier and cost about £3 for a 10 minute walk along the pier. JKD loved her first donkey ride and it was easy to see the owners loved the donkeys and took very good care of them. (The owner would not let us ride until they had had there morning drink of water) 37740328_10155615710117196_3061979011061121024_n

Next to the pier is also the best spot to stay and do some sun bathing. Me and the DD family are not sun worshipers and prefer walking around but we saw plenty of families enjoying a fun day out building castles, burying dads and eating picnics. However if sand filled sandwiches are not your idea of a good day also has beach huts that you can rent out for the day, which have a little kitchen and a safe place to dry off and change after a swim in the ocean

Our next stop was a quick cup of tea an cake at the pier café, which had beautiful views of the coastline and very friendly staff. JKD and dad also enjoyed the arcade. With its loud noises and busy atmosphere this may not be the best place for all toddlers but JK enjoyed playing on the many old rides and playing some of the younger games


Walking out of the arcade we made our way back the way we came, but this time along the promenade gardens, which is a lovely little garden set along the walkway. During the summer there is a small paddling pool the children enjoy splashing in, there is small boating lake to rend out rowing boats, and a few more cafes and souvenir shops. Me and Dad always enjoy any opportunity to teach JK about charity and at St Anne’s there is a  RNLI Lifeboat Station and museum which tells the history of the RNLI in St Anne’s and to see the lifeboat.


After the museum you hit a long entertainment complex. This includes a indoor cinema, gym and Toby Carvery. There is also small golf course, which a train rides circles, an outside park, trampolines and swings. You have to pay about £2 for each activity but it was worth every penny


By this point we were all very hungry so headed into the town centre for some fish and chips . Our favourite place is called Seafarers on Clifton Drive. They have a take out restaurant where you can sit outside and enjoy the British weather or a nice indoor restaurant. The prices are very reasonable and the food is yum.

All in all its one of the best days we have spent during the summer holiday and I would highly recommend it






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