Toddler Day out: Tatton Park

It was the last Saturday of JK summer holidays, so me and Dadda decided to tick one more item off our toddler summer bucket list – go on a bike ride. Throwing JK’s bike in the boot we went on a beautiful countryside drive to Tatton Park.

Only 40 minute drive from Manchester City Centre, this is one of our favourite parks to visit. Its £7 to enter by car but well worth the money, every time we go we always do something different, whether its go for a walk around the deer parkland, go on a scarecrow trail in the gardens or go and play in the park and have a picnic.


Parking up JD rode her bike through the little park and courtyard to the stables, where we went and treated ourselves to lunch from the café, sitting outside in the beautiful courtyard. This is a gorgeous place, surrounded by red brick buildings, they have large clean toilet facilities,  a café, tuck shop, an old time steam engine, a farm shop with locally sourced meat, a garden shop with freshly grown produces and a carrousel, which JD loves to ride on after lunch.


JK drove her bike back to the car and then we had a walk down to the farm. Although a long walk for little legs there is a small land train which will take you to the farm for £2 per person, however JD likes the wooden craved animal statues on the walk down so we skipped the train.


The farm is brilliant. It recently received a lotto grant and so has many new attractions and entertainment, making the £20 entry for family of 3 well worth the money. Not only were there plently of animals for JK to pet, including horses and ducks, but there was also a lot of cute baby animals including new born piglets and goats. Different activities are arranged throughout the day, including handling new born chicks and washing piglets in there bath.


As well as animals there was a lot of other things to see and do. Including miniture tractor rides for the kids in the small barn, explore old mills and make your way through the corn maze. When we arrived the sheep race was beginning, which JK loved, especially giving the sheep there milk at the end of the race.


One of Daddas favourite things to do at the farm is to take Jk to the wooden play area. Here children can build dens, climb mounds and try there hand at the adventure course. If we could we would transplant this entire area into out back garden. KJ especially loves this area as she can praise her balancing skills.


Although this is not a cheap day it is fun filled and well worth it.

For more information about Tatton Park please  visit



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