Toddler Autumn Bucket List

The kids are back at school, a chill is in the air, leaves are on the floor and I’m craving warm soups-it can only mean one thing AUTUMN IS HERE. I love autumn, its my favorite season. The yellow and orange leaves, the comfort of a warm coat, the tang of apples and berry’s, its all so soft and comforting after the intensity of the summer haze.

In order to share my love of this season, with my daughter, I have created the below list to show her all the joy that comes with the autumn. As usual this list keeps to my KISS code of KEEPING IT SIMPLE STUPID, and should not require too much planning or money.

  1. Go blackberry/apple picking
  2. Bake a recipe using fresh picked fruit
  3. Jump in piles of leaves
  4. Jump in puddles
  5. Read books about Autumn (below is a few I picked up at library yesterday)thumbnail_file-5
  6. Learn about squirrels and how they collect nuts for the winter
  7. Go looking for squirrels, take a photo and paint a picture of them
  8. Do  leaf art with printing/rubbing etcdig
  9. Go on Autumn nature scavenger hunt at local park
  10. Have a nature shelf at home of things that remind us of AutumnIMG_20181021_141908.jpg
  11. Toast Marshmallows in backyard bonfire (parents drink cider)
  12. Go pumpkin picking
  13. Bake a recipe using pumpkindav
  14. Watch a family friendly Halloween movie (Monsters Inc or Hotel Transilvainia)
  15. Make Halloween decorations
  16. Decorate the front of the house for Halloween
  17. Go trick of treatingmde
  18. Attend a fancy dress party ( usually thrown by school)dav



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