Autumn Toddler day out: Daisy Nook

Daisy Nook is a County Park in Oldam.

On entering the park there is a small car park, toilets, cafe and a large sandpit with a wooden boat for a playground. If (like me) you don’t drive, then the 168 bus goes pass every 25 mins. It’s free to park and enter the park and the cafe serves a small selection of hot and cold meals at a reasonable price.

In the park there are several un mark trails to walk along pass forests, ponds and rivers. You are free to wonder or there is a small map at the beginning of the park to help you pick a trail.

The park is usually busy with dog walkers, families, joggers, fishermen and bikers.

There is alot of animals and plants in the park. In the pass we have seen herons, squirrels, horses, ducks, geese and robins. As well as flowers, trees, mushrooms and berries.

This Saturday me and Josie went to the park to learn about autum and have some fun.


At the park we….jumped in the muddy puddles, collected leafs to show our teacher and talked about their different colours, picked blackberries, fed the ducks and talked about their different shapes and sizes, stalked and took photos of any animals we saw.


Going to big parks is also a good opportunity to be reminded on some outdoor safety. Such as asking owners before petting dogs, not to stand too close to rivers, putting all rubbish in bins, wearing wellies to jump in puddles  and showing Josie that even though it’s a little cold this does not mean we can’t go outside.


We spent about 2 hours exploring the park and when we finished we came home and used the blackberries we picked to bake blackberry muffins. Helping Josie to learn were food comes from and not just the supermarket.




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