Toddler Winter Bucket List

Its got so cold now that my nature loving daughter has asked if she can “stay home!” Oh yes Winter is defiantly here. But that does not mean the fun stops! Not with my Toddler Winter Bucket List


  1. Go to bonfire party with fireworks and potato ash
  2. Make Lanterns for back garden
  3. Have some Huggee evenings with candles, hot chocolate and Christmas films
  4. Bake/cook with winter food
  5. Go on a winter scavenger hunt
  6. Read Books about winter
  7. Learn about winter animals red robins  and reindeer
  8. Make winter art
  9. Have a winter nature table at home
  10. Make Christmas decorations
  11. Decorate house for Christmas
  12. Go to Christmas market
  13. Go to a panto
  14. Make gingerbread house
  15. (If have any) play in snow
  16. Go to a Christmas party
  17. See Santa
  18. Take part in a local Christmas charity

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